There are many types of gambling games; one of them is card games. Card games can further be divided into many kinds of games, and all of them are very popular among the players. In this article, we will discuss only the Rummy, which is a popular card game, both online and offline.


Rummy is a type of card game which is played mainly for gambling purpose. It is also a good time pass game for those people who use this game as a fun video game only. In this card game, two or more than two decks of cards can be used as per the retirement of the players.


Rummy can be played either with two people or more than two people. In this game generally, two decks of cards are used, but some format of the game also employs more than two decks of cards.

The ultimate motto of this card game is to make two sequences at least one of the themes should be pure.

Each member in this game is given 13 sets of cards, and out of these thirteen cards, they can use many sequences. To win the game, they need to declare, and for declaring they must have at least one pure sequence Få mer informasjon.

There are two pile of cards and one joker. One pile is for remaining cards, and another pile is for discarded cards. Players can use any of these cards to make a sequence. The joker can be matched with any sequence as it can play the role of any card from the deck.

Ranks of the sequence

The user can form a different kind of sequence. The rank of each sequence is different from others. There are mainly 12 types of sequences. Some of them include the sequence of Ace king and queen, ace-king and queen of the same suit, King, Queen and Jack, King queen and jack of the same suit, all the cards from the same suit, cards having pair of one card, like two kings, triple of three cards like three Queens and as all four means all the fours cards of different suits.

The rank of same suit ace, King and queen, is highest, and the rank of the highest card is the lowest.

A pure sequence is made without the help of joker. If a joker is added in between the sequence, the sequence is said to be impure.