Check out some of the most absurd idn slot myths in the internet. On mandatory, stop building your tactic based on the following facts, because they are actually pure lies.

Back in those days, when slot machines were only presented in ground casinos and other strange physical spots, the game used to be fully understood and no one actually doubted about its fair play nature. Something, though, happened when the slots appeared in the internet. Instead of becoming more accessible, aka understood and convenient, they got a disease which is still bothering the players. We are talking about the disease of the myth.

There are a lot of myths about slot machines – whether online or offline. But some of them are just too absurd. And we hope fewer and fewer players pay attention on them. However, what if some of you have been still affected by these myths? Well, we will tell you what: you might get burnt. When you don’t realize the nature of a certain game and you don’t understand it the correct way, there’s no way for you to build up a solid strategy, respectively to show good results, including financial. Yes, myths can be dangerous.

That’s why we are politely and with a significant dose of concern ask you: do you still believe in any of these popular and weird slot myths:

  1. Wining in a slot game is all about luck. They call it “the pure luck slot win”. We don’t say being lucky will not help you at all. We say that only luck will not get you anywhere. You need to have at least some basic knowledge about the way a slot machine works. You also need a strategy. And in reputable idn slot machines the tactic has always a financial nature. In short, you should maximize your bets.
  2. There’s a cycle in the payments of the jackpots. This is something we have been hearing about for a long time. Many gamblers count on that myth to build up their strategies. And this is how they soon reach a bankruptcy. The slot machine is not programmed to give jackpots within certain periods. You can win today and win tomorrow, too. Of course, if this happens, it would be very uncertain whether you will say that we have lied about the previous myth.
  3. There’s always a due for a win. Some players, on the other side, believe that in a big series of losses the win eventually comes. But we know dozens of slot machine lovers who kept losing for a whole month and this myth has never appeared to be true. What we can tell for sure is that decent gambling houses will offer you a cash back bonus in case of such a large queue of losses.

These absurd myths related with slot machines have already made many gamblers to get burnt. Don’t be one of them!