Here are the tips to use in your first game at pokerace99. Apply these poker beginner’s tips by all means.

It wasn’t so long ago when we discovered a group of poker players who discussed a new website on the block – pokerace99. They were one of those, you know, enthusiast who had just appeared they journey in the field of online poker. It was amazing to follow their passion and the detailed discussions about the bonuses they received from the websites and their first losses and wins registered there.

All of these were awesome, motivating and quite inspiring. However, what we have noticed and bothered us was the fact that as newbies they did not know some basic things about the game and about playing poker in the internet. We god a bit worried that these guys might have lost the chance to start their experience properly and maybe, somewhere in the course of their intermediate level, they might lose the primary passion they started with. Why?

Because sometimes, a loss can be very painful. Indeed, one of the top rules we should remember when playing poker is not chasing for the loss. And here’s one more – a loss is a source of lessons. We tried to mention it during their discussions and they accepted the piece of advice quite kindly.

However, we should have told them much more. We should have told them about some very precise tips that a lot of players forget when starting their adventure in the world of poker in the internet. And guess what – it turned out that a lot of novices in the field actually don’t have in mind these basic tips that are mandatory for the first steps in online poker.

We would like to correct our mistake. And if we couldn’t help them, we are going to help you. If you are that enthusiastic about starting playing poker, don’t. Hold on for a second. Read these tips that usually a novice in the field simply doesn’t know and doesn’t keep in mind:

  1. Your game should be tight, but also aggressive. The opposite of the tight poker is playing passively. Mainly, a passive game can be recognized with lots of calling. Instead, the tight, but aggressive game accepts folding as a very logical and adequate decision.
  2. Think about the positions. Actually, no, think about the positions before anything else. Sometimes, a position at the table determines your strategy from the moment you sit and start the game. For example, the first one to act is the one who should be very precise as he’s the one to start the entire initiative in the poker game. On the other side, if you are the last one to act, you are in the best position.
  3. Playing at multiple tables is really awesome. It’s also very profitable, but only if you are used to such a game. As a novice in the field, it’s not recommended for you to play even at two tables. The idea is to get used to the poker style in the beginning and then, to apply tactics to increase your potential chance for a win, as well as the size of this win.

We are now happy that we have shared with you all of these tricks and tips. Please, use them right from the very first poker game you have in your life.