Meet some of the most popular poker tells to examine and react on in your situs poker online game. Find out how to read the poker competitors in a cash game or a tournament.

In Rounders – the most popular poker-related movie of all times – Matt Damon always knew how to win while playing against with Teddy. It was not only because Matt’s character was such a clever and experienced gambler. It was because he knew how to guess Teddy’s tells. The way Teddy ate his cookies told Matt’s character whether he has a good or a bad hand.

As you can see, sometimes, skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of poker are not enough to be the best, to be a real pro. Tells are those elements from the psychological side of the most legendary card game. But it’s not only in the movies or for people like Matt’s poker player character. Ordinary players can read the tells, too. They just have to be aware of the right way to read.

Today, we will meet you with the top poker tells that you should never underestimate. On the contrary, in most cases they can guarantee you a good advantage in the cash game or help you to survive in big poker tournaments. Check them out below, guys:

  1. Weakness actually can be a sign of a strong hand. The weaker a player tries to look like with his moves and actions, the stronger cards he actually holds. This is something that not only the average players do, but even many intermediate gamblers accept as an approach.
  2. When a player holds a mid-range hand and calls with an average amount of money it is very possible for this person to try to protect his pot with progressively increasing next calls. This is when you have to be aware that this hand might be stronger than yours, but it’s definitely not the strongest at the table.
  3. Too fast actions by a player who shows average speed in acting while playing in a situs poker online is a sign of the player’s desire to rake in the good enough pot right now. In this case, it is up to you whether to stick to this player’s row of calls and checks. But by all means, he is impatient to receive a big win due to a big hand.
  4. In nearly 90% of the cases the big size of the bet means big hands. But by big hands we mean literally cards with big size – kings, aces, tens. It is very rare when a player will rise the pot with more than 50% if holding a pair of sevens.

These tells are just the beginning. There are quite more tells you can learn within your practice in the field of poker games. Don’t stop trying to read your opponents. It’s the essence of the poker game after all.