Make sure to read these important facts about the bonuses in today’s online football betting platforms. Always get aware of them before you claim for a certain bookie’s special offer.

Is the deposit bonus % the only thing you pay attention when being offered with such a promo in an online football betting platform? Well, there are many other things you should consider. As a matter of fact, bonuses can be quite tricky. As a whole, they look like gifts, but if not understanding their terms and conditions they can turn into your nightmare.

In this material we want you to focus on some very important specifications regarding bookmaker’s bonuses. Wherever you are registered aiming to place sport bets, please, always be aware of the following data about the bonus you want to use:

  1. The maximum bonus amount is the largest possible cash you can receive. It means that if you have a 100% deposit bonus up to 100 USD, even if you fund your online football betting account with 300 USD, your initial investment is going to be 200 USD maximum. Not even a penny more.
  2. The rollover condition can be related either with the bonus amount or with the entire amount equal to the bonus amount plus your deposit in a no deposit bonus. In other words, you might need to place bets at an amount of either 100 or 200 USD from the example of the previous point before you claim for a withdrawal.
  3. Not all the sport bets you place are considered as eligible to form up the total amount of money to roll over before a withdrawal. In the bonus terms and conditions it is usually said the minimum odd your bet should be placed at. For instance, a betting house might require from you to roll over the entire bonus amount at bets that of at least 2.00 odd. If you place a bet with an odd 1.50, the bet is totally valid, but not considered as part of your bonus wager requirement. Meanwhile, you are eligible to place bets with quite higher odds and they will be valid for the bonus requirement.
  4. There might be also some bet types that will not be related to the wager requirement. A small number of the bookmakers, for instance, would want from you to place only accumulated bets to meet the bonus roll over term. On the other side, there are bookies that only exclude some bets and in most cases they are related with concrete leagues.
  5. The void bets cannot be contributed to your roll over bonus requirement. Have in mind this and make sure to place one more bet if the voided stake was actually the last one to be placed to become eligible for a withdrawal.

These bonus betting specifications, by the way, refer not only to football lovers, but to all punters regardless of what sport disciplines they prefer.