Encompassing the steps of evolution online Toto witnessed since its inception along with the rules of playing.

There are no online lottery lovers who haven’t heard about the renowned Asian lottery gambling variant Toto. Toto is famous as it can bestow fortunate bettors with lucrative rewards though there’s no need for wagering high amounts for it. As it’s now available on online platforms, you can expect convenience through facets like mobile compatibility, secure payment options, bonuses and promotional offers, responsive customer support service, and many more. Besides being an exciting game of numbers, online Toto is as easy as a gambling game can ever be.

But have you ever considered how this enticing game became the soul-charmer of gamblers from all around the globe? Go through this article thoroughly to know about the evolution it has gone through along with the rules it possesses.

History of Toto

In diminishing the widespread of illegal gambling throughout Singapore, Toto lottery gambling was established in the 1960s. After seven years of its inception, the manual version of this game was also launched on June 9, 1968.  In 1981 when snowballing appeared in Singapore’s gambling market, punters began to enjoy the top prize in a new way as those prizes were set to increase from draw to draw.

Then, System Entry bets came into the scene with an opportunity of making multiple bets through single coupons. 

It was May 19, 1986. Toto appeared in a new shape of a computerized online game offering a five from 49 number range format. The year 1988 came with a subtle change in Toto again. In this year, 5 out of 14 number format replaced with 6 out of 42 formats. Eleven years later, Toto format witnessed another alteration, and 6 out of 45 was the newly determined one.

The game also made gamblers familiar with different renowned draws like 1999’s Millennium Draw, Hongbao Draw in 2000, and Mooncake Draw in 2006. On October 7, 2014, toto sgp received its current format of 6 out of 49.

Rules of Online Toto

Online Toto is a game of numbers where players’ chances of winning or losing entirely depend on their luck. The game comprises four different betting types: Ordinary Bets, System Bets, System Rolls, and QuickPicks.

Ordinary Bets involve selection based on the presumption of 6 numbers from the range of 1 to 49. System Bets are designed to let players bet on 7 to 12 different numbers from the pre-mentioned range. The rules are somewhat different in System Rolls as you only need to choose five other numbers while ‘R’ will represent the sixth number, which will be a winning one by default. QuickPicks are there for granting players with even more ease as the 6 number set required for betting gets randomly picked by the system itself.

These bets are different from each other in their costs, odds, and payout potentials. Hence, proper knowledge of them is required before wagering real money.

Wrapping Up

There are also some free tips and strategies that you can find on many websites. Most such techniques are useful if you can apply them precisely. So, what’s more! Start your online Toto journey today by venturing with a reliable online Toto agent.